Make managing & paying your independent workers streamlined, safe and simple.

We handle the admin tasks, manage risks and give your workers access to the tools and benefits you both need to succeed in today's workforce.


Why GreenLight

Onboard Freelancers in Minutes, Organize Them Easily, Stay Informed and Compliant
Automated Processes

Automated Processes

Intuitive and AI-driven, our automated tools make onboarding and paying workers quick and easy for everyone.

Cloud-Based Operating System

Cloud-Based OS

Our platform gives you full visibility with live access to all your data, making organizing your extended workforce a breeze.

Compliance and Risk

Compliance and Risk

We are your legal, HR & tax experts, protecting you from the risks and complexities that come with working with freelancers.

GreenLight Features


Keep informed with easy access to all your worker, project and payment information
Add users, invite workers, approve time & invoice, track POs all with the click of a button
Anytime, anywhere visibility with an easy-to-navigate dashboard


Make a great first impression with intuitive, self-service tools to get workers onboarded in minutes
Partner integrations for seamless background screening, insurance verification and benefits management
Lightning quick worker classification to keep you on good terms with the IRS


Easily pay all your contingent workers via a single invoice from GreenLight
Enable managers to approve workers time or payments with a single click
Track assignments, budgets and payments all in one place

It's More Than a Platform - Here's How It Works

Add a worker in minutes

Add a Worker

Find the workers you want, invite them to join you with just a couple of clicks on the GreenLight app - or even better, an API.

Your workers will be ready to get to work in minutes with our intuitive, automated onboarding.

Auto-Classify Workers as W-2 or 1099


We use AI to determine the correct worker classification - and either make them a W-2 employee of GreenLight, or we contract with them as an Independent Contractor.

Either way, you get the worker you want without having to worry about the IRS.

AI-driven contractor payments


We make it easy for workers to track and submit time or invoices, we send you one consolidated bill, and we process payments while taking care of taxes.

Workers who qualify get access to benefits and can start building credit.

Cloud based Freelancer management


GreenLight provides expert HR support to the workers, a single bill to AP (as well as year end processing), and holds the worker contracts. You have fingertip access to all your worker info.

Legal, finance and your freelancers think you’re a hero.

Success Stories

"Greenlight was quick to deploy and easy to get instead of worrying about using contractors we are encouraging managers to consider if a freelancer is a better option."
"Greenlight makes it faster, safer and less expensive for us to bring in freelancers and contractors... and give them top shelf benefits."
"Greenlight made it easy for us to scale our freelance workforce...we have been able to hire in any location and now it takes just minutes to onboard our consultants."

Integrations with leading industry partners

About GreenLight

Mastering the management of today’s 50 million freelancers and contractors is no simple task. That’s why we created GreenLight.

We’re human-cloud experts that build solutions designed for the freelance economy. We take the complexity out of managing contract workers so you can make the gig economy work for you.

Jason Posel

Jason Posel

CEO and Co-founder

Jason is known as a gig worker expert and has worked for over 15 years designing & managing workforce management programs for both staffing companies and enterprises of all sizes, including Cisco, Boeing, Visa, OpenTable, Shell and Ericsson. He started two companies in this space, managing over a billion dollars in spend over his career.

Spencer Greene

Spencer Greene

CTO and Co-founder

Spencer, a Stanford grad, has over 15 years’ experience in senior engineering roles, including at one of the world’s largest human cloud companies. He is also a start-up junkie: investing, engineering, advising, building.

GreenLight is currently working with a select number of beta clients.

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