Bridging The Talent Gap: The Future Workforce is Flexible

In this webinar, we’ll be examining the following topics:

  1. Remote and independent work is a lifestyle choice (and a rapidly growing one) with the world’s top talent now setting the terms of engagement. Companies are beginning to realize that a workforce that is exclusively full-time in-person employees limits diversity, flexibility, and innovation – and that remote freelance talent can be a big part of the solve.
  2. Current supply chains and more traditional sources of contingent talent are not delivering – excellent talent is never going to join Adecco, Tek, etc. – and still leave a lot of administrative burden to the employer.
  3. Talent marketplaces serve as a turnkey solution platform enabling curated picks of the world’s top talent by allowing talent to focus on what they love, providing them with a standard slew of benefits, handling compliance/tax/payroll and offering them a professional home within a thriving community.
  4. Diversity and inclusion in 2021
  5. Audience Q&A

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Featured Presenters

Jessie Kernan

Head of Product & Strategy

Jessie found her calling with We Are Rosie while leading the charge on the inaugural Rosie Report study as an independent consultant at the beginning of 2020. As the Head of Product and Strategy, she is so privileged to get to manifest a truly inclusive future of work in the marketing and advertising industry every day. Formerly the Global Chief Marketing Sciences Officer and US Chief Strategy Officer for RAPP (an Omnicom company), and nearly a 20-year agency industry veteran.

Jason Posel

CEO & Co-Founder

Jason is the Co-Founder & CEO of GreenLight.ai, the world’s first intelligent worker classification and payments platform. He is a renowned speaker in the industry especially surrounding topics such as the Future of Work and Gig Economies. Throughout his career, Jason has accrued over 15 years of experience in contingent workforces, HR, tax, and compliance having managed $1B+ in spend for world-class companies including Shell, Cisco, Boeing, Visa, GSK, TD Bank and more.

To date, our team has managed $1B+ in contingent labor spend for some of the world's leading companies.