supports Ukrainian refugees is proud to play its part in supporting millions of displaced Ukrainian refugees to earn an income in their host countries by providing employers the infrastructure they need to hire and pay remote Ukrainian professionals.

Onboard Ukrainian knowledge-based talent in Poland, Estonia, and 130+ countries with

Here's what we do:

1. Onboard a Worker

Find the workers you want, invite them to join you with just a couple of clicks on the GreenLight app – or even better, an API.

Your workers will be ready to get to work in minutes with our intuitive, automated onboarding.

2. Auto-Classification

Our AI determines the correct worker classification – and either make them an employee of GreenLight, or we contract with them as an approved contractor.

Either way, you get the worker you want without having to worry about government agencies.

3. Send Payments in Minutes

We make it easy for workers to track and submit time or invoices, we send you one consolidated bill, and we process payments while taking care of taxes.

Workers who qualify get access to benefits and can start building credit.

4. Manage a Gobal Workforce

GreenLight provides expert HR support to the workers, a single bill to AP (as well as year end processing), and holds the worker contracts. You have fingertip access to all your worker info.

Legal, finance and your freelancers think you’re a hero.


How It Works

In minutes, you’ll become the hero of legal, finance, and even your contractors. Become the preferred client all the while setting yourself up for success across the board.


Full Platform Infrastructure for your Extended Workforce

We have the smoothest employee onboarding UX on the market. Onboard workers in minutes, not weeks.

Transparent Costs

GreenLight is partnering with RemoteUkraine to offer a not-for-profit program for hiring Ukrainian professionals. We are waiving our fees for all Ukrainian workers you hire.

For Employees

We bundle all statutory employer costs, social security and, where required, accrued PTO into a simple, single percentage markup on the pay rate of the worker. We also include a small percentage to cover our overheads. In Poland, this totals 22%. 

So if you want to pay a Ukrainian in Poland $1000 per week, we would bill you $1220 to pay that employee. Your only potential other costs are if you want to offer employee benefits, and other statutory costs such as termination, sick leave etc. 

We provide services in 130+ countries, so if you are hiring in other countries, let us know. 

For Contrators

We have waived our fees and apply 1.75% to the workers pay rate to cover our transaction costs and overheads. 

So if you want to pay a Ukrainian in Poland $1000 per week, we would bill you $1017.5 to pay that employee. Your only potential other costs are if you want to offer employee benefits. 


Fully Integrated Benefits Direct In Platform

Offer benefits that your talent will truly value, wherever they might find themselves in the world.

Next Steps

If you have found your next hire, please fill out the form below to get the process started. You can also email us at We can get you and your worker set up and ready for work in hours not weeks


Leading brands and talent marketplaces use to make it easy to onboard, organize and compliantly pay their independent workers – anywhere. Our platform includes worker classification, onboarding, time management, employer of record, tax management, benefits, and payments.