How Platforms are Rewriting the Contracts Between Workers & Companies

The gig and creator economy is transforming work, but who has a say in how this transformation takes place? Platforms are allowing workers and creators to thrive, while companies reap benefits from their labor – but few have any say in how this affects them.

“Platform workers’ liminal status makes them much more vulnerable to exploitation. In the United States, most gig workers and creators are classified as “independent contractors,” a categorization the IRS defines as “people who offer their services to the general public” in an independent trade, business, or profession. In practical terms, this classification absolves firms from having to provide these workers with benefits, protections, and guarantees that traditional employees enjoy — even as platform workers and creators are dependent on platforms to reach audiences, connect with potential customers, and earn income.”

In this insightful Harvard Business Review article, A Labor Movement for the Platform Economy, you’ll gain a better understanding of the collective action needed and what is actually driving the rapidly changing economy.

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Jason Posel

Jason Posel

Founder and CEO of, Jason Posel is a sought-after expert in issues related to technology innovation in contingent workforce management, the gig economy, and the Future of Work. London > Atlanta > Miami > Palo Alto > Miami

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