The Platforms and Ecosystem Partners Supporting the Ukraine Freelance Community

Many platforms and ecosystem collaborators have joined forces to assist Ukraine’s freelancers since the country was invaded in February 2022. These platforms are providing aid in various ways, including job opportunities, waiving fees, and coaching. The goal is to help freelancers and their families who are struggling financially and professionally due to the war. is proud to be included as part of this list of companies both large and small that are coming together to support professionals and families in Ukraine. We encourage all members of the freelance community to get involved and do what they can to help. Together, we can make a difference.

Read the full story on Forbes here.

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Alex Steeno

Alex Steeno

Senior industry analyst, adviser of multiple hypergrowth agencies, SaaS, and tech-enabled service platforms, Alex Steeno regularly contributes insights related to industry trends, growth marketing, and management consulting.

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